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Three Public Safety Agencies Team Up For New Emergency Response Vehicle

Released on January 22, 2024

Today, the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency (SPSA), the Regina Police Service (RPS) and Regina Fire and Protective Services (RFPS) unveiled a new emergency vehicle as well as a new partnership between the three agencies. 

The Mobile Command Post (MCP) is a customized 37-foot, self-propelled unit that can be dispatched to incidents and act as the central command, or the main hub, for public safety staff at an event. The vehicle is equipped with multiple tools and resources that assist personnel during an incident, including radio communications, weather forecasting equipment and various video devices.

Mobile Command Post (MCP) trailer interior shot - row of chairs

"The MCP has already been deployed in and around southern Saskatchewan to proactively support mass events such as Country Thunder and the 2022 Grey Cup Festival," SPSA President, Fire Commissioner Marlo Pritchard said. "It can also be the central hub to assemble critical information at the scene of an emergency."

The SPSA has added some final upgrades over the last year along with the three partner agencies' crests to the outside of the vehicle in recognition of the collaboration. 

"We are proud to work in partnership with the SPSA and RPS on the new Mobile Command Post," Regina Fire Chief Layne Jackson said. "As an all-hazards response agency, Regina Fire and Protective Services takes a comprehensive approach to public safety. The MCP is a great example of how we are working with other emergency agencies to build our capacity as a community for emergency preparedness and public safety.

The agreement between the public safety agencies allows for the MCP to be stored
in Regina so that all three parties can have immediate access to the vehicle for deployment to a critical incident or special event.  

Partners in Public Safety Decals on MCP Trailer

"One of the most exciting aspects of this partnership is the innovation it offers,"
RPS Deputy Chief Dean Rae said. "The MCP allows us to share resources and this incredible technology - both of which enhance safety for our community and for
first responders during an incident."

The MCP is operated by trained personnel who can transport the vehicle within Regina as well as the southern Saskatchewan area.




For more information, contact:

Kara Slobodzian
Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency
Phone: 306-798-0094

Les Parker
Regina Police Service
Phone: 306-777-6381

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