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SaskAlert is the Government of Saskatchewan's emergency public alerting program that provides critical information on emergencies in real time, so you can take action to protect yourself, your family and your property. (Information about the national public alerting system can be found at the bottom of the page.)

Why you should download the SaskAlert App

An emergency alert issued through SaskAlert will:

  • let you know what the emergency is;
  • let you know where it is happening;
  • provide instructions for you to follow to stay safe;
  • and advise you when the incident is over.

Refer to these instructions to help you personalize what alerts to receive on
the SaskAlert app.

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Agencies that can issue alerts and alert types

Alerts can be issued by: Environment Canada, Government of Saskatchewan ministries, crowns and agencies as well as participating local governing jurisdictions.

Environment Canada: 

  • Environment Canada (EC) is the lead agency responsible to issue all types and levels of weather-related alerts including advisories and special weather statements, watches and warnings.
  • SaskAlert will pick up EC weather alerts that have potential to affect life and safety, and will distribute them through SaskAlert.             
  • The EC weather alerts that SaskAlert carries are:
    • Tornado – watches and warnings
    • Any warnings issued for: blizzards, blowing snow, dust storms, extreme cold, freezing drizzle, freezing rain, heat and rainfall, severe thunderstorm, snowfall, wind and winter storm

Government of Saskatchewan: 

  • Ministries, Crowns and agencies of the province issue alerts for their areas of responsibility when emergency events are occurring that have the potential to affect life and safety.
  • SaskAlert will pick up EC weather alerts that have potential to affect life and safety, and will distribute them through SaskAlert.
  • Participants at the provincial level are:
    • Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency
    • Ministry of Environment
    • Ministry of Health
    • Ministry of Social Services
    • Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport
    • SaskPower/SaskTel/Saskatchewan Water Security Agency

Policing Agencies: 

  • Policing agencies can issue province wide alerts to warn the public of imminent potential risk to their safety, child abductions and critical incidents.
  • Policing agencies are:
    • RCMP
    • Local police

Local Governing Jurisdictions: 

  • Local governing jurisdictions are:
    • Cities
    • Towns
    • Villages and Resort Villages
    • Rural municipalities
    • First Nation Communities

How to get an alert: 

  • SaskAlert Website
    Please visit
  • Broadcasters
    Radio and TV will also issue all critical alerts issued by federal, provincial and local alerting authorities.
  • SaskAlert App
    Download the SaskAlert App:
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