Civic Address Registry

The Civic Address Registry is a province-wide standardized system of identifying and locating properties, by establishing unique access point locations.

The Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency encourages all communities to utilize the voluntary program to assist emergency responders such as police, fire and emergency medical services locate Saskatchewan residents in need quickly.

Urban and rural addressing systems are based on an access point on a road network. For urban addressing, an address is typically created from the street and avenue road network.

A rural address can be identified by the range road and township road network.

Civic Address information is managed through an online database and web mapping application. To access the online system, please visit

For more information contact the Provincial Helpline at 1-844-407-0077 or email


Civic Address Registry (CAR) Progression checklist for communities
This document contains a checklist communities can follow when completing their validation of civic addressing into the provincial CAR program. Contact the Provincial Helpdesk at 1-844-407-0077 or email with any questions.

Civic Address Registry Fact Sheet
Description of the Saskatchewan Civic Address Registry and its role in public safety.

Civic Addressing and Road Naming Information Guide
The document provides information on each type of addressing system in Saskatchewan along with additional supporting documents.

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