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Wildfire Prevention and Preparedness Plans

Explore the most effective methods and legal obligations for preparing for and mitigating the risk of wildfires in your industrial or commercial operations.


Industrial and commercial operators working in communities in and near provincial forests and parks are required to submit a wildfire prevention and preparedness plan to the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency (SPSA).

These plans are an important way the SPSA works with operators to help reduce their wildfire risk. An operator must submit a plan each year before the start of wildfire season, which runs from April 1 to October 31, or before starting activities during
the season.

For helpful information, download the Wildfire Prevention and Preparedness Plans for Industrial and Commercial Operations document.

Requirements for Submitting a Plan

If your activity involves forestry operations, mining and mineral exploration, oil
and gas activities, road construction and maintenance, public utilities, outfitting, institutional camps, or railway operations, you are required to submit a plan.

If you are not sure if you need a prevention and preparedness plan, check with your local Response Centre Area Office.

Preparing Your Plan

When preparing your plan, ensure all essential details are included, such as your company name, emergency contacts, work description, and measures taken to prevent and tackle wildfires. You can find more details about what needs to be included in Section 9 of the Wildfire Regulations.

You can prepare your own plan or use the SPSA’s plan template.

NOTE: Please include only the required information. Extra details, such as emergency and safety procedures not related to wildfire management, are important for your purposes, but are not required for this submission.

Submitting Your Plan

You can submit your completed wildfire prevention and preparedness plan to your local Response Centre Area Office or you can send an email to the Wildfire Prevention and Preparedness Plans (WPPP) at wppp@gov.sk.ca.

Further Information

The wildfire management division of the SPSA will reach out to you should additional information be required.

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