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Community Fire Bans

The residents of Saskatchewan need to know when and where they are allowed to burn in Saskatchewan – and municipalities/rural municipalities play an important role in making that happen.

Municipalities, regional, and national parks have the authority to ban open burning in their areas of responsibility, while the SPSA can restrict open burning in provincial forests, parks and Crown land. Only in the most extreme situations would the SPSA consider restricting burning in all rural municipalities.

The SPSA strongly encourages all municipalities to pass fire restriction bylaws that meet their local need. Local leaders are in the best position to determine when and where burning should be restricted within their municipality.

Sample rural fire ban bylaws and a burn permit are available to rural municipalities on this page. All municipalities are strongly encouraged to obtain independent legal advice prior to adopting bylaws.

As always, SPSA Emergency Services Officers and Protection Officers are available to meet with municipal officials to discuss all aspects of emergency planning, including fire restriction bylaws.

To add or remove a fire ban, municipalities should call 1-866-404-4911.


Fire Ban Interactive Map
An interactive view of the most recent fire bans in Saskatchewan

Fire Ban PDF Map
A pdf of the most recent fire bans in Saskatchewan

Fire Ban Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to frequently asked questions about fire bans in Saskatchewan.

Open Burning Synopsis
This document provides a synopsis of key requirements under The Wildfire Act for open burning.

Best Practices for Open Burning
This document contains useful information to help you safely carry out your open burning project. 

Sample Fire Ban Bylaw
This document provides a guide for communities to enact a fire advisory or ban.

Sample Fire Bylaw with Permit
This document provides a guide for the issuance of burning permits within the municipality and conditions to be observed by permit holders.

Sample Burn Permit
A sample guide for burning permits. 

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