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Fire Code and Reporting

Notification of Local Assistant

Under Section 2 of The Fire Safety Actevery municipality in Saskatchewan has a
Local AssistantThis is the Fire Chief in municipalities with a fire department or the administrator, clerk or other appointed person in municipalities without a fire department. However, any municipality may choose to appoint anyone into this role, in consultation with the Fire Commissioner. The Local Assistant has specific powers, duties and obligations under the Act.

Regardless of which municipal official is the Local Assistant, Section 13 of
The Fire Safety Act requires the local authority to notify the Fire Commissioner
of the individual who becomes or ceases to be the local assistant. The completion
and submission of this Notification of Local Assistant form meets the requirements
to notify the Fire Commissioner of a change of the Local Assistant status within
a municipality.

Fire Code Advice

The SPSA conducts fire investigations within its mandate and identified roles and responsibilities. The Agency also has trained personnel that offer fire code advice to responding agencies and the general public by calling 1-800-667-9660.

Fire Incident Reporting

Fire Incident reporting is a record used by fire department personnel to record fire events, origin and cause, casualty, fatality, damage, circumstances of the fire, etc.

Fire incidents, medical emergencies and other emergencies are issues common to all jurisdictions, regardless of size. It is through the data gathered at the time of these incidents and subsequently that an intelligent approach to solving these problems can be made.

Systematic methods must be available for the routine collection, processing and the use of significant local information.

In the fall of 2023, the SPSA launched a new process to fire incident reporting. As a part of the new process, fire officials are contacted by the SPSA shortly after dispatch identifies an incident and are given the opportunity to submit their report over the phone. Additionally, fire officials may choose to call in their fire report over the phone by contacting 1-800-667-9660

Fire incident reports are a legal record of the fact that a fire occurred in Saskatchewan, and they provide senior officers and fire department managers with valuable information about what has occurred in their district.

For more information, check out the Fire Incident Reporting document.

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