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Requesting SPSA Assistance

If you are a responding agency, such as a municipality or a First Nation, and need assistance from the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency, please complete the SPSA Request for Assistance form and submit it to the nearest Protection Area Office.


The SPSA can provide assistance to local authorities responding to an emergency. The local authority will retain responsibility for the emergency unless it is turned over to the SPSA in writing.

All requests for assistance will be assessed. SPSA resources are managed at the provincial level and deployed based on need and availability.

If air support is required, agency staff will control the air operations until aircraft are no longer needed.


Responding agencies, including municipalities and First Nations, can request SPSA assistance once mutual aid agreements are exhausted.

The SPSA will consider cost recovery of expenses for all assistance outside of its jurisdiction. Current provincial aircraft rates are provided on the SPSA website.

How to Apply

  1. Report the emergency – Local authorities must first report the emergency by calling 1-800-667-9660, 9-1-1 or the closest Protection Area Office.
  2. Request SPSA Assistance – After reporting the emergency, you must complete an SPSA Request for Assistance form and submit it to your closest Protection Area Office.


Submit your completed SPSA Request for Assistance form to the nearest Protection Area Office.

SPSA Request for Assistance Form
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