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We’ve designed and developed our website to be inclusive. We want your web experience to be hassle free, regardless of how you access our online information and services.

Some of our considerations when creating a more accessible website include:

  • We set our type sizes and contrast ratios to be easily visible and legible, which ensures our website can be more easily read.
  • We don’t use graphical text, which ensures screen readers can access all areas with text.
  • We don’t open a new tab on your browser when you’ve clicked on an external link, as screen readers have a tough time navigating to new tabs popping up.
  • Following the W3C Accessibility Guidelines.


The online channel is an important part of the SPSA’s commitment to access and service delivery for citizens, businesses, and visitors. Please Contact Us if you’ve had difficulty accessing any part of our website.

Modern Web Browsers

We’ve designed our website to be compatible with a wide variety of web browsers. If you’re having issues viewing one of our web pages or you notice certain features seem to be missing from one of our web pages, you likely need to update your web browser.

Using an updated web browser allows you to:

  • Keep your computer more secure against online security threats
  • Continue to see and use many website features
  • Surf the internet faster
  • How to upgrade
  • Getting an up-to-date browser is easy, you first need to decide which type you want to use.

The list below contains the most popular web browsers to choose from:

  • Google Chrome (Windows or Mac)
    Internet Explorer (Windows only)
    Mozilla Firefox (Windows or Mac)
    Safari (Mac only)
    Opera (Windows or Mac)
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