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Information for Impacted Residents

In Saskatchewan, local authorities like fire, police, and emergency management usually handle emergencies first. If needed, the SPSA can help these communities.

This information is for residents facing an emergency or disaster.


SaskAlert is the best source of information for an emergency happening in your area. You can download the SaskAlert app here.

Emergency and Crisis Support

The SPSA helps communities in emergencies by giving them emergency food, clothing, and shelter when needed. This aid is coordinated with community leaders and is not given directly to individuals or families facing personal disasters.

If you're going through a personal disaster, you can contact the Canadian Red Cross for support for up to 72 hours.

Provincial Disaster Assistance Program (PDAP)

PDAP helps residents, small businesses, agricultural operations, First Nations,
non-profit organizations and communities recover from natural disasters, including flooding, tornadoes, plow winds and other disasters caused by severe weather.

PDAP may help cover the cost of uninsurable essential losses, cleanup, repairs and temporary relocation.

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